Nachiket Children’s Libraries in Villages

Around Amravati, India

As a result of immense inequalities in educational quality, the lives of children in disadvantaged rural areas of Maharashtra are severely limited. MSSO believes that easy access to a library is a powerful tool to upgrade educational quality in such areas. And therefore, we continue to support Nachiket Libraries. MSSO’s Toronto chapter has carried out several fundraising events to raise more than $10,000 so far this year for this great project. 

Since 2004, Nachiket is instilling and nourishing love of reading in children from under developed rural areas.  Nachiket is currently serving 5,000 children, many of who would otherwise never have access to books. Nachiket provides a warm, safe and inviting place where the pleasures of reading are pressure free. Parents and teachers think that the local village library is an integral part of enhancing educational quality. Higher literacy skills acquired because of sustained interest in reading helps children in their studies and overall performance in school. Children are now more knowledgeable, have greater confidence in their ability and are enthusiastic about getting more information.

Mayuri Ghatol from Shrijgaon (a small village of 2,000), is hooked on science because of the books she read at Nachiket. She is now attending junior collage in nearby town. Her dream is to do research in biochemistry.  She even knows what particular area – nonhuman blood. Rupesh Dhote and Dinesh Mahajne from Juna-Dhamangaon scored high marks and want to study ecology especially how their own village and farms are being affected by pollution.  They both won prizes for their project at the science fare held by their school. Four girls, regular readers form  Dhamangaon library, scored above 90% average in the 10th grade state examination.

One of the library attendees, Rajashree Tayde, grade 8th student from Shirajgaon put it in her own word: “I am delighted that our library has lots of books.  Although, I loved the books such as ‘A Book of Magic’, ‘Mom, tell me a story’, I also borrow books on astronomy, ‘Planet Earth’, ‘Fun with Math’, that I find interesting. Mainly, I like various competitions such as Drawing, painting, singing, drama etc. that are held at our library. This helps us with the schoolwork. I wish they could hold competitions every Sunday”.

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