Over our 28 years of operation, MSSO has funded deserving projects of all sizes and descriptions. Dr. Jagannath Wani, we often say, has a sixth sense of what’s needed the most, and more importantly, how to implement it in an effective, accountable way. Over the years, projects have tended to increase in size and numbers of people helped.

  • DFATD Partnership Projects
    • Integration and Rehabilitation of Physically Challenged

      In 2000 Dr. Wani heard about a boy with no hands and no legs writing beautiful notes holding a pen in his teeth. Dr. Wani was curious to meet this interesting determined individual. This was at the Helpers of the Handicapped in Kolhapur (HOH).

    • Blindness Prevention Among Rural Children

      Our largest project ever – three years in the proposal stage, was approved at the end of 2011 by DFATD (Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development). Blindness is a massive problem in India.

  • MSSO Supported Projects
    • Sethu Child Development & Family Guidance Centre

      Sethu is a charitable trust committed to the development of children, based in India’s smallest state of Goa, just south of Maharashtra.  Since its inception 11 years ago, Sethu has grown from an idea to an organic vibrant center that strongly believes that every child, despite whatever challenges they may face deserves to reach their full potential.

    • Nachiket Children’s Libraries in Villages

      Since 2004, Nachiket is instilling and nourishing love of reading in children from under developed rural areas.  Nachiket is currently serving 5,000 children, many of who would otherwise never have access to books. Nachiket provides a warm, safe and inviting place where the pleasures of reading are pressure free.

    • AVANI Project

      AVANI which in Sanskrit means earth has been coined as an acronym for Anna, VAstra and NIvara; for food, clothing and shelter. In addition to these three basic necessities of life, AVANI also provides for education of rescued children, making them responsible and contributing members of the society.

    • Fearless Rescue of Children from Slavery, Child Labour and Abuse
  • Microfinance and other Self-help Groups
    • Bhagini Nivedita Gramin Vigyan Niketan

      Another of Dr. Wani’s discoveries is Nileema Mishra, 2011 winner of the prestigious award in all of Asia, the Ramon Magsaysay award, for her astounding work. The award is dubbed as the Nobel Prize of Asia.

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