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2021 COVID HELP Appeal

Namaskar Mandali,

You would have seen the havoc caused by Covid-19 in India.  The news coverage is heart breaking.  I am sure all of us would want to help India at the time of this catastrophe in some shape or form.  At this time, all we can do from half the world away is to offer financial help to buy equipment such as oxygen cylinders, vaccines and other equipment.  You can send your donations to MSSO (Mararashtra Seva Samiti Organisation) which has been actively helping charitable activities in Maharashtra.  MSSO has ties with the following three hospitals:

  1. Hospital at Lok Briadari Prakalp, Hemalkasa (looked after by Dr. Prakash Amte)
  2. Vivekanand hospital at Latur (looked after by Dr. Ashok Kukade)
  3. Walawalkar hospital, Dervan, Konkan (looked after by Dr. Suvarna Patil)

All fund raised by this donation drive will be used for dealing with Covid-19 in India.

The MSSO donations can be sent either on line by credit card or by cheque.  It will be much faster to send donations on line.

On Line Donations

  • Click on "Donate".
  • Click on "one-time donation".  Project will be "MSSO General"
  • Type in the amount of your donation.
  • Click on "Donate Now".
  • Click on "Donate with Card" unless you want to pay through your Paypal account.
  • Fill in the details of name, address, card number, etc.
  • Click on "Donate Now".

Payment by Cheque

Make the cheque payable to MSSO.  At the front of the cheque, write Covid-19 under "Memo".  Attach a slip of paper showing your email address and full mailing address (if not shown on the cheque).  Mail the cheque to "MSSO, c/o Ajit Bapat, 257 Burbank Drive, Toronto, ON M2K 2S4.

All receipts will be sent by email.  The donations will be eligible for tax deductible for Canadian taxation.

Thank you for your donation.  Let us hope that things will get better soon 


Ajit Bapat

MSSO Toronto