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MSSO Vision: Promote sustainable development, economic & social of the less fortunate.

2021 COVID HELP Appeal

Through the generosity of donors like you, MSSO (Maharashtra Seva Samiti Organization) gives people in less fortunate circumstances a chance to help themselves, provide for themselves and their families, while contributing to their larger society.

Calgary-based, with an active Toronto chapter, we at MSSO have a 28-year-old proven track record of effectively getting all of your generous donation directly to those for whom it’s intended.

MSSO has a wide portfolio of very deserving grass root project partners ranging from education and vocation training for poor to essential health care for the underprivileged. Most of these projects are being run in rural / tribal communities or in poor neighborhood of towns and villages in the state of Maharashtra in Western India.

In a way MSSO facilitates this partnership between Canadian donors and the government agencies, where it ensures that our overseas aid dollars go to the deserving projects in priority areas approved and directly supported by Canadians.

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